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Doraemon: Fujiko Fujio Tribute Art Show

  • Q2 Mini Gallery 312 Little Tokyo Mall Ste# 121 Los Angeles, CA (map)

We are extremely excited to announce our next upcoming art show celebrating one of the most iconic manga/anime of all time, Doraemon. The story of a young boy named Sewashi Nobi who sends back an anthropomorphic robotic cat (Doraemon) to aid his financially-troubled family, Doraemon has resonated with audiences across the globe, and remains one of the most successful manga of all time. Part of the reason Doraemon has touched so many people from different backgrounds, is perhaps that the story’s main character, Sewashi Nobi, is not your classic hero but a regular boy with the simple ambitions to help his troubled family—granted, he goes about this in quite a fantastic way. Doraemon serves as one of the earliest examples of science fiction in manga. The stories revolve around Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets, which unfortunately usually end up causing more trouble than good.
Opening reception : 7/25/2015, 7pm- 10pm
Exhibition Date: 7/25/2015 - 8/16/2015

Aki Yun
Alice Lee 
Angela An
Aron J. Shay
Arut Tantasirin
Bernie Petterson
Cameron Garland
Candie Bolton
Cheryl Kook
Chet Phillips 
Christine Vu
Crowded Teeth 
Erin Hunting
Eastwood Wong
Eddie Xu
Elsa Chang
Erin Hunting
Eun Beal Cho
Evon Freeman
Florence Yuen
Frank T. Lin
Grace Kim
Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay
Heejin Jaimie Park
Helene Leroux
James Lien 
Jamie Sutton
Jane Schneider
Jason Cryer
Javier Jimenez
Jisoo Kim
John Banh 
Jocelyn Liang
Junyi Wu 
Justin Chan
Bianca Kaiami Tseng
Kali Fontecchio
Keiko Murayama
Kelsey Eng
Kennedy Tarrell 
Kristen Woo
Kim Herbst
Mariko Yamashin
Michael Fong
Miss Kika 
Mark Taihei
Nuri Durr
Nate Bear 
Nikolas Ilic
Nneka Damali Myers
Mizna Wada
Naoshi Sunae
Robot Soda
Riyoko Iwamoto
Sachin Teng
Saera Hwang
SangEun Song
Tania Franco
Tara Billinger
Tim Snyder
Wendi Chen
Will Finn
Yi-Jen Liu 
Yon Hui Lee
Zach Bellissimo
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