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An Open Diary

  • Flower Pepper Gallery 121 E Union St Pasadena, CA 91103 (map)

Crowded Teeth, David Chung, Jon Lau, Liten Kanin, Loris Lora, Paige Jiyoung Moon, Sean Chao, Shanghee Shin, Yejin Oh, Yevgeniya Mikhailik

Window Installation by Amy Van Gilder & Da Young Cho

On Saturday, June 27th, Flower Pepper Gallery is pleased to present An Open Diary, a collection of works by Crowded Teeth, David Chung, Jon Lau, Liten Kanin, Loris Lora, Paige Jiyoung Moon, Sean Chao, Shanghee Shin, Yejin Oh, and Yevgeniya Mikhailik. For this exhibition, each artist was invited to create 4 to 6 cohesive works, free from the limitations of theme or restrictions.

An Open Diary brings together a select group of artists who share a playful sensibility and enjoy highlighting life’s small and oftentimes overlooked moments. Participating artist, Paige Jiyoung Moon, paints memories of her “daily adventures” while artist David Chung creates humorous and heartfelt works inspired by some of life’s more arduous circumstances. In her interview with New American Paintings, Paige explains a bit of her process and inspiration: “When I hang out with my friends, I look around the environment where I am and imagine it as a painting. There are certain times that make me feel like I want to remember everything around me like colors, furniture, and people in the environment. I think of those days and some funny happenings that make me laugh. Later, I start sketching on papers to see compositions and details.” David’s paintings, on the other hand, reflect his sarcastic yet hopeful personality. He shares some insight into his pieces in his interview with BloPop Magazine: “For me, having my childhood overseas were the good times. However, when I moved to the States in my teens, that was when I was just about to blossom into my amazing awkward years. And being an awkward one of maybe 2 Asian kids in a predominantly white suburban town…well, it kind of helped me define my voice. So here we are today, I make work revolving around obnoxiously colorful and cute characters living in a perpetually awkward world.”

All of the artists for An Open Diary create entirely well executed works that display a high level of craftsmanship and a strong sense of narrative. Whether it be Crowded Teeth’s fun and imaginative paper cuts, “inspired by the need to make someone’s favorite something”, or Sean Chao’s delightfully delicate miniature sculptures that are created by showing just enough detail to “illicit amazement and yet enough imperfection to reveal that they’re lovingly handmade, ” each piece is sure to induce wonder. The artists of An Open Diary skillfully allow us to see through their eyes, as they emphasize life’s hidden moments and reveal pieces of who they are.

The reception is open to the public and on view until July 28th, 2015.

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