Crowded Teeth products make people smile.

Each item is designed by Michelle Romo and produced by wonderful partners who understand that quality is important.

Crowded Teeth has had ongoing success in children’s products with The Land of Nod, as well as cut-and-sew clothing for adults with Japan LA Clothing, and tech accessories with Sigema.

The positive vibes, beautiful design, and fun times that Crowded Teeth puts into the world connect with people of all ages.

The best thing about Crowded Teeth is that it never stops growing.

It’s a magical universe of wonderful, sweet characters where new friends are added every day!


Crowded Teeth is the adorable never-ending project of artist Michelle Romo.

That’s why the world of Crowded Teeth never stops growing - It’s anything she wants it to be! Each character is a weird spark from her imagination.

Inspired by the need to make somebody’s favorite something, Michelle is on an endless pursuit of drawing blobs with faces, cats in sweaters, and monsters who would really like to hug you.

In addition to creating the Crowded Teeth universe Michelle has regularly collaborated with Disney, Sanrio, The Flaming Lips (and many more!) on a wide variety of projects, and has exhibited in hundreds of art shows and events over the past 10 years.